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Importance of SEO with SME:

May 21, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), together with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is one of the most important areas in online marketing. Unlike search engine marketing, which is all about optimizing and managing Google Adwords ads, Search Engine Optimization Orange County aims to keep a website under relevant keywords within Google search as far as possible to bring forward.

And this way qualified or target group relevant visitors for the corresponding website: So visitors who search via Google for exactly the products and services offered on the respective company website become.

What are the advantages of SEO?

In contrast to the "classic" marketing channels such as print media, outdoor advertising or TV, Google has an unprecedented and steadily increasing range throughout its history as an Internet search engine.

Search engine positioning is by far the most effective method of permanently generating new, relevant prospects and potential customers for offering an Internet presence.

What are the advantages of SEO compared to SEM?

As mentioned before, search engine marketing is "only" about optimizing and managing Adwords ads. These are displayed up to four times directly at the beginning and at the end of each Google results page and are marked as an ad (or, for example, you can also see Google Shopping results instead of AdWords).

The search engine marketing Orange County creates an associated Adwords campaign and works with competitors to provide ad slots. If a user clicks on Google Search, it will pay a certain amount (PPC) pay per click management Orange County.

Depending on the industry and the competition, the prices depend on several cents up to over $ 30 per click (for example in the field of outplacement consulting). When the budget is used up, ads will stop running.

The advantages of SEO compared to SEM:

    The "normal" (organic) search results are perceived much more positively by visitors compared to flagged Adwords ads.

    A once-optimized keyword ranking will automatically persist on Google Search and continually generate new visitors under that keyword.

    There is no cost if the visitor clicks on the corresponding entry within the Google search results. Once optimized, the comparable Adwords budget can be permanently saved.

Furthermore, the structure and functioning of the search engine compared to all other existing marketing channels have an immense advantage, by which the range is increased again:

Thus, the rankings of a (sustainable) search engine optimized website under specific keywords remain persistent within the Google search and generate from this point in the future continuously new, relevant prospects - while TV commercials, billboards or newspaper ads only at specific points over the respective (usually short) publication period and can even generate interested parties.