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May 22, 2019 by khuranareet  

Trucks are very essential for heavy-duty tasks on the road. Such tasks along with the occasional rough remain terrain and strong weather conditions can wear down trucks through time. Then you will know that your truck needs repair service that includes:

        Truck and trailer brake repair

        trailer suspension repair.

 As we are well aware of the fact that the brakes are an important part of any vehicle so the first repair should be concerned and be ginned with that part itself.

There are a variety of trucks according to your requirements with different systems fitted in it. Braking system differs on the type of truck. Semi-trucks have a very complex braking system. There are specifically three types of brakes:

       Service brakes often called as air brakes

       Parking brakes often called as spring brakes

       Emergency braking system



Air brake uses pressurized air to activate the braking system.  During the truck and trailer repair, air pressure is checked as these brakes are used mostly during the day time. Its trailer suspension repair is very necessary to be checked in order to enjoy the safe driving.


The parking brake system comprises brakes that are mostly activated by a loss of air pressure. Such air pressure loss can occur through an air leak or other emergency and it can be controlled manually through the push/pull knob in the air cab. Proper maintenance and timely truck trailer brake repair keeps things better and working. As air pressure holds these brakes, a regular and proper trailer suspension repair should be always recommended. As it proper repair activates the air pressure that can no longer overcome the pressure being exerted by the springs.


The truck equipment bodies having the emergency braking system activates the spring brakes when the vehicle loses air pressure in an air brake system. The spring brakes engage when the air pressure drops below 20 to 45 psi in the air storage tanks, thus stopping the vehicle. These brakes can be applied manually in the event of brake failure. 

Sam and Sons truck and trailers are into these services and will be glad to help you in offering such facilities, so you could drive safely and enjoy a happy journey.