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The Method Design Of Limestone Mill

May 24, 2019 by zzgl5656  

The method of mix design of limestone mill provisions of GBJ146 - 1990 limestone mill application technology specification etc, the admixture of limestone, because of adding amount and replacing cement quantity different, usually can be divided into substitution, addition method, to replace the three methods for adding method, GBJ146 1990 specification list these three kinds of methods, and the JGJ28 - 1986 technical regulations stipulates the application of limestone in concrete and mortar after a substituted addition method.

The three methods are as follows: 1, substitution method substitution method is replacing cement with equal weight equal to or the absolute volume of limestone. Such as the absolute volume of the same amount of limestone replacing cement, cementitious materials paste volume does not increase. If according to the weight of substitution, volume will cement pastes increases some.

General so-called equivalent substitution method, is refers to the replacement of cement with limestone weight. Limestone processing equipment has many kinds, such as limestone separator, limestone and other mill. According to the equal of limestone mill of 28d age weight replacement method formulated often cannot meet the requirements with the reference concrete strength, go to the 90d, and even 365d age to achieve.