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The Easiest Way to Clean a Bathroom

May 24, 2019 by ifanfaris  

Having a hard time cleaning the bathroom everyday? Tired of using different cleaning tools and chemicals just to make it thoroughly cleaned the way you want it to be? Are you finding a fast and easiest way to clean the bathroom? Read more about house cleaning toronto.



Introducing, the 4-minute Bathroom Clean. This method will let you steam clean the bathroom in just 4-minutes with less than a half glass of water by using a Jetsteam Maxi steam cleaner. Under 8 bar pressure, this half glass of water will be converted into 94 percent superheated dry steam that becomes a powerful tool without chemicals yet very efficient and effective.

Using the different tool and attachment of a steam cleaner, we can clean bathroom in just 4-minutes. Here's how:

1. Steam Lance or Nozzle -- use this tool to detail and clean around the basin, drain, taps, hand rails and mirror. Then use a cleaning cloth to collect the dirt and grime after steaming.

2. Steam Lance or Toilet Brush -- either you use the steam lance alone or attached a toilet brush to it to detail the toilet bowl, toilet seat, s-bend and under the rim.

3. Steam Mini Mop or Triangle Swivel Tool -- this tool with a cleaning cloth clipped on it will clean the bathroom walls and shower recess. For heavily soiled bathroom walls, use the brush head without attached cloth.

4. Floor Tool or Steam Mini Mop -- using this tool with a microfibre will deep clean the floor. Through steam cleaning, soiling will be emulsified and grime is collected by the microfibre.

This method of bathroom cleaning is very helpful and effective especially for large commercial facilities having great numbers of bathrooms that need to be cleaned everyday particularly hotels and hospitals.

Cleaning bathroom with Jetsteam Maxi steam cleaner will remove germs, viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew, dirt and grime, odors and soap scum resulting to a clean and sanitized bathroom with no hazardous odors or residues.