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Pizza Dave Delivers - A Kit Review - The Twister by Freemax

May 25, 2019 by freemexy  

Hello everyone Pizza Dave here, delivering a review of the Twister kit by freemax vape. The Twister is a variable wattage, stick style device, which features a built in 2300mah battery, and comes with the Fireluke 2 tank on top. Just to spice things up a bit, each of these comes with a wild graffiti pattern to separate the styling from the vast group of stick style devices out there. These loud designs might not be for everyone, but assuming you are reading this review, I have a feeling they jumped out to you. Let's get right to it.Rincoe
With Freemax' first device release (that I know of), they elected to keep things simple. All you are presented with is a fire button, a usb port, and a dial across the bottom of the device for adjusting wattage. In traditional fashion, 5 clicks of the fire button will turn the device on and off, and it features an LED surrounding the button that will illuminate to indicate power on/off, various faults, and battery indication. Like many other simplistic devices, the battery is represented by various colors. Green means the battery is between 65-100%, yellow is 30-65%, and red is 0-35%. What sets the Twister off from many simple, fixed voltage stick type devices is the ability to change the wattage. The base of the atomizer features a dial, where you can TWIST the knob to adjust the output between 5 and 80w. Everything is kept simple with this and makes it great for beginners to become perfectly comfortable using in no time.
We all know that the Fireluke Mesh tank was a groundbreaking atomizer last year. It introduced us to mesh in a way we never tasted before and really kicked off the mesh coil game. I give Freemax credit on reviving the sub-ohm tank market with the Fireluke Mesh tank. What you get with the Twister is the new Fireluke 2, which is essentially a Fireluke M tank, with a few minor tweaks, and bubble glass. It is compatible with the same checker-patterned mesh coils as its predecessor. As expected, the flavor doesn't disappoint, and the immediate ramp time of the Twister makes the whole experience that much better. I can safely say that I have not tested another stick-style device that gave me the satisfaction this provided right out of the box. I used both the single and double core mesh coils and found that the dual edged the single out by just a hair, but both perform well. Coil life is the same as we have seen with previous Fireluke mesh coils, and I got roughly 40ml of sweeter e-liquid through them before the cotton started to break down and flavor was starting to taste burnt and even experienced some leaking at this point. So, the tank performs well, but how about the mod? At first, I was super impressed with the thing. It ramped up in no time, and I had zero gripes. However, after more time with it, I found the battery to be a little undersized, and that that battery indication did not inform me soon enough that the battery needed charging. I would be vaping it on yellow, all good and above 30%, but then it would go red. Once it went red, I could only get a handful of puffs before it wouldn't fire at all. What started out as an awesome experience faded slightly as I hoped this would be a device, I could take with me for a full day of work. Sadly, that isn't the case.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD