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Top 10 Tips for Small Bathroom Remodeling in NYC

May 25, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

Making the most out of a bathroom can be a bit challenging task. But there are different ways to make the right use of bathroom space available. Likewise kitchen design, you can make the room seem bigger with right cabinetry and design. Here are a few effective tips to maximize the small bathroom space:





1. Floating Shelves

Like small kitchen, one of the main problems with small bathroom is shortage of space you need to store daily items. You should place floating shelves on the walls and take advantage of vertical space to make enough room.


2. Under-Sink Storage

Do you have standalone sink and shortage of bathroom counter? You can still use the area to keep your items. Buy a small drawer container or storage basket and keep it under the sink. In addition to, you should replace a standalone sink along with a compact bathroom vanity to add beauty and storage to the room.





3. Keep some items outside.

Do you feel that your bathroom is small enough to keep all the items? If yes, you can keep things you don’t use it on a daily basis like additional towels or fragrances in a shelved closet.



4. Include a wall mirror.


You might be fine with the actual storage space; but you may not like the cramped look of the room. Add a large wall mirror to create the illusion of enough depth even in a small bathroom space.





5. Use lighting to improve the room quality.

Choose the lighting to make a room that can seem larger. The ambient light, the light directed towards the ceiling or light used to scatter around a wall provide a larger space like effect.





6. Take advantage of different colors.

Use bright and cheerful colors to decorate or paint the bathroom in bright and cheerful colors. To make your bathroom space lively, you should decorate your space with bold yellow or oranges.


7. Keep only the things you need.

Nevertheless of the size of a bathroom, it can become cluttered fast, especially if you bring in more items that aren’t used. Make sure that bring in only the items you need in bathroom like hair appliances or shower supplies.



8. Consider installing a corner rack.

Likewise a floating shelf makes sure that you can take advantage of the space that you generally won’t be able to use. You can hang clothes, robes on a corner rack.


9. Change the toilet

If possible, it’s better to change your existing toilet with the one with an elongated compact model. You can find it comfortable and slimmer seat.





10. Use a small faucet

 Though it may seem like an unnecessary change, using a small single-hole faucet can offer additional space along the top of the sink. Utilize this to keep soaps, toothbrush, and other toiletries that you use them on a daily basis.


Bottom Line –


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