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Fix Problems Reading or Receiving AOL Mail

May 29, 2019 by macy smith  

AOL email is one of the most promising online email service providers. This service has been serving the users to a great extent with all the aspects of online emailing. Most often the users are highly satisfied with the services of AOL mail; there are hardly some situations where the users face issues on AOL mail. One common issue which the users encounter on AOL mail is when they are unable to read or receive emails in the email account. This is often a very complicated situation which must deal with a lot of care. The user can go through this blog to understand this situation in more detail. The users also have the option of connecting with AOL Customer Care Number to avail professional assistance regarding this issue.

Steps to fix reading or receiving AOL email issue:

If you have come across an issue in reading or receiving AOL Mail, then there is nothing that the users need to be worried about. This issue can easily be solved using some really simple steps. The solution to this issue is as given below:

Examine the filter 
When you find that the issue is associated with the filter settings, then it can easily be solved. In this case, it is seen that the emails are redirected to another folder, and then you feel that the mail has gone missing. You can correct this issue by accessing the settings option of the AOL email.

Delivery Delayed
There are times when the user sends the email, and the receiver does not get the email immediately. This is often because of the time consumed in routing problems or high traffic. So there are chances that the user would experience a delay in receiving the email.

Check the spam folder on your email
There are also chances that the emails that you receive are going into the spam folder. If you come across the issue of not receiving an email, then it suggested that the user check their spam folder once. If the email is found to be there, then they should select the email and mark it as ‘Not Spam.’

Rework your web settings
There are possibilities that you are facing this issue because there is some malfunctioning in your browser settings. In such a situation, the user would have to set the general web setting. Once you reset the settings, the issue would be resolved immediately.

Clear Caches
It is always ideal for the users to clear the caches from the browser. When the web browser is filled with unnecessary caches, then the users would encounter an issue in receiving emails. It would be best that the users delete all the caches, cookies, and history from the browser.

Disable Pop-up Blocking
If you are using the feature of the pop-up to show you emails in the pop-up window, then there are chances that this could be causing the malfunction. So it would be ideal for the users to disable the features and then check whether the issue has been solved or not.

Following the information given above would help the users solve the issue at the earliest. If they find any difficulty in following the above-given steps, the users can then solve this by connecting with AOL Email Helpline Number. The executives would promptly take up the issue that you are facing and then provide you with the best possible solution. This service is available on a 24-hour basis and is completely free of charge. This ensures that the users do not incur any additional charges for solving the issue that they have come across.

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