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Online Gambling Operation Shut Down in Vietnam

May 31, 2019 by freemexy  

Police forces in Vietnam have arrested 22 people believed to be involved in a massive illegal online gambling operation. The estimated worth of the operation is $1.28bn. It is the largest online gambling operation to be found in Vietnam. Furthermore, it could be one of the most lucrative illegal gambling ventures in the world.

The police did not provide much detail, as the investigation is ongoing. They said that the criminals operated in a "sophisticated manner that had been so difficult to detect." Among the arrested people, 12 are believed to be the organizers.online gambling review

The scope of the operation is presumably massive. Last week, the cheif inspector of the Vietnamese Information Ministry was arrested. He was allegedly involved in a $420m online gambling ring.

The crack-down on gambling in South-East Asia has been on the rise recently. A ban on online gambling is in the works in one of the states in India. Meanwhile, China is using drones to deal with illegal gambling.
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