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How to rent a boat? Tips to choose successfully

June 3, 2019 by Glain max  


In order to rent the best crewed yacht charters, there are certain tips which you need to take into the consideration.

1. What type of boat are you looking for?

Yacht, smaller motorboat like monohull or semi-rigid boats, sailboat, or catamaran?

2. What is your budget?

If you can focus and refine at this point you will help us to focus the search, since the options are very broad and the budget that is available is vital to find the best rental proposal.

3. Dates:

Do you know the exact dates on which you want to rent yacht charter Mykonos? Are you flexible? Do you have a possible margin of days within which to carry out the day charter? For example, if you are going to spend a week and you do not want to leave by boat one day or another, it will be easier to get the boat that you like the most.

4. Place of departure and time:

If you want to leave from a different port, we need to find out first if it is possible to pick them up (check-in) at a different point than the base part of the rented boat.

This is because all the boats have a base port, a mooring they have rented to have their boat there. This is the port from which they are legally authorized to embark and disembark the crew and guests. It is common for many clients want to embark from a specific point, such as a beach, a cove, or a mini port where, specifically, no rental boat has a mooring.

Yacht rental Greece includes sailboats and catamarans for hire, motorboats rentals for cruising vacations,

On some occasions, the catamarans rentals Greece can anchor in a cove, and with his dinghy or auxiliary boat the sailor picks up clients on the beach. This implies that customers will get wet, at least up to the waist or even the shoulders, since you cannot always reach with a dinghy to the shore.

If there are waves this mission is impossible, since it would endanger the safety of customers and their belongings. The best solution is for the client to go to the base port of the boat they have rented.

You can always use a taxi service or driver or private driver to take them to the port and then pick them up and take them back to your hotel or rented villa. The easiest thing is to rent a boat that has a base port where you can best get it.

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