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Laser Engraving for different areas

June 4, 2019 by Glain max  


Laser engraving on cardboard or paper

The cardboard and especially the paper are more sensitive materials when recording by laser, so it is very important to adjust the configuration of the engraving machine and the laser previously, to allow us unlimited possibilities to achieve the finish of the piece that is desired. As it is possible to even drill these materials, it offers us even more options in the design.

The engraving services in these types of organic materials are characterized by the carbonization of the piece, leaving a high contrast and a pretty good appearance in the final result.

In addition, since different colors of cardboard or paper can be used, we can generate a different result each time, leaving a more marked contrast in the lighter materials.

It is advisable to have adequate ventilation in case you want to burn many pieces and, as with the leather, do a test first with a grayscale matrix.

Laser engraving on wood:

The wood that we can use to engrave can be natural and also of the plywood type, which has a series of advantages if we compare it with the natural wood.

The plywood is composed of a series of sheets that are glued together, to summarize. This makes its resistance to the laser is greater. In addition to the natural wood, during the process of sublimation of laser engraving, will come grains in different shades as a result of the different seasons of the year for which the tree has grown, which can harm the final finish.

Many stencils for lettering & designs also possible using laser engraving on wood.

Another difference of plywood with natural wood is that in the latter it is difficult to predict if it contains resin or if it can be easily split, aspects that will not have an optimum finish.

But with all this does not mean that it is better to use plywood than natural wood, since, as always, depending on the result we want to achieve, it may be more interesting to record in natural. For example, for a large engraving, it usually looks better, with a better contrast since it does not need a really large laser marking to get a good dark burn.

The level of contrast achieved with the laser engraving in wood is quite beautiful since when burning the wood acquires that darker touch in the outline that enhances the figure.

Although if you want to reduce this darker color of burn, you can use adhesive tape of low adhesion, so that the laser does not affect and affect both the wood, in addition to that when cleaning the piece will be easier.