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Which are the elements which makes a wonderful playground?

June 6, 2019 by khuranareet  

summer holidays are in and the children loves to spend their time in the playground .we all know that the children loves to play slide and swing and if you are lucky enough then these playground equipments will be in your nearest parks or you have to find out the parks which have children’s playground equipment.

The following are the elements which makes the playground great:-

1. Motion:-

Children should be given ample space to run; hop, jump, slide, throw etc and all the play equipments should be comprised of swing, balance activities, activities panels with all the moveable parts.

2. Beautifully constructed:-

Parks should be beautiful and all the playground equipments should be colorful and new so that children will be excited to ride on it.

3. Place for all:-

Playgrounds should be a place which should be apt for every person irrespective of the age, so that everyone can come to the playground and enjoy. Playground equipments should be placed in such a manner so that the playground should be divided for different portions i.e. for children and adults.

4. Easily accessible:-

Playgrounds should be constricted near to the societies or apartments so that everyone can visit it regularly and relax.

5. Friendly completion:-

Playgrounds are the place where children play with their peers and this place should have playground equipments through which children can have competition with their friends. The playground should also have the basket ball or badminton net so that children can have healthy completion games between themselves.

6. Groundcover:-

The playground which has all their equipments with soft groundcover makes it a great playground, because the soft ground cover will be safe for the children while they will be playing on them. The playground equipments which are fixed in the coarse ground should be avoided because these playground equipments can be risky for the children as they might get hurt from them.


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