LeapZipBlog: Karthik's blog: 4 Ways Behavioural Insights to Improve Citizen Engagement

4 Ways Behavioural Insights to Improve Citizen Engagement

June 11, 2019 by Karthik  

The insights from the ‘behavioural sciences’ are being used increasingly by governments around the world to help

citizens make better choices. Can behavioural insights be used by the community engagement sector to help get more people more engaged?

Just in case you are really extraordinarily busy and have no time to read this post, this is the pithiest of summaries. The people from the UK Government’s behavioural insights (BI) team have proposed four key principles for BI that have a lot to offer community engagement practitioners.


4 key behavioural insights:

1.Make it easy

2.Make it attractive

3.Make is social

4.Make it timely

Take these thoughts and run with them!

Just last week I was roped in to be part of a ‘panel’, at an internet governance conference in Melbourne, to discuss how the burgeoning ‘ behavioural insights ’ movement might assist the digital engagement sector.

While I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about digital engagement, I haven’t spent a lot of time exploring the behavioural insights literature; and so, not wanting to appear the ignoramus, I thought it best to brush up!

It turns out that, while not without it’s critics (and not without reason), it’s a thoroughly interesting area of work and research; and, while some of the examples that are bandied about suffer from the “isn’t that a bit obvious” phenomenon, there are more than enough interesting examples to make it worth a deeper look.

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