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How To Fix Google Maps Not Working Issue?

June 14, 2019 by ask helpme  

If you are having problems with Google maps, following is a perfect solution if Google maps are not working, Google maps not working in chrome or Google maps not loading. Let’s fix all these issues.

How to fix ‘Google Maps is not loading’ issue?

Now before starting the tutorial, if you are having this issue on Android then solutions will be different and if you are facing this issue on your PC then solutions will be different. Good thing is that we had both. Let’s start with PC

How to fix Google maps not working on android phone?

Step#1: Open Settings on your Android device.

Step#2: Now tap on more tabs.

Step#3: Tap on Application Manager from the list.

Step#4: Now select All Application by Swipe to left.

Step#5: There you’ll see all your installed apps, Tap on Google Maps.

Step#6: Now all you have to do tap on Clear Cache and Clear data.

Step#7: Now go to home screen and restart your device.

I hope above tricks will help you to solve “Google maps not working” issue in your browser and also in android app.

Update the Operating System on your iPhone

If there is an update for your device, you need to make sure that you update it. Updates can fix bugs within the software on your device.

If your iPhone isn’t updated, this can cause certain apps to malfunction and not to work properly. Updates are made with the intent of clearing up bugs and adding new features.

Here’s how to update your iPhone and iPad

If you’re running on a very old version of iOS, this is probably why you’re having GPS problems with Google Maps. You need to make sure that you backup your device before you update your iPhone.

Once you’ve updated your iPhone or iPad, make sure that you connect to WI-FI so that Google maps will work. After that, check if your GPS is working properly.

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