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Let Your Flying Dream Comes True with SuperFlight

June 14, 2019 by SuperFlight  

Are you an adrenaline junkie but not ready to throw yourself out of a plane? Hope, indoor wind tunnel skydiving is the right option for you. Indoor skydiving is one of the crazy activities for thrill seekers that take them a few feet above the ground. Indoor skydiving (also known as Body flight) is the latest trend in recreational activities, and it will truly gust you away.

With SuperFlight, you can make your fantasy a reality of your life. Located in Miami, our wind tunnel provides a safe environment to float like a bird up to 10 feet above the ground level. For this, you will be provided with an instructor to let you guide on every step. In indoor skydiving, you are equipped with all the necessary flight equipment in such a way that you feel like a real skydiver in a jump suit with goggles and helmet, all this without the help of unnecessary parachute or airplane. All this is possible due to the latest technology which generates winds over 120 miles per hour. With this wind tunnel, real skydiving experience can be gained and you will be felt that you are flying in a sky. Once you enter the tunnel, you’ll float into the air and climb in the place and all flight experiences takes around 40 minutes.

As safety is our top priority, we provide you flying experience that is completely safe and fun-filled. Our instructors are fully-qualified and will always be by your side during your flying experience to guide you and ensure you have the best possible experience. When flying with us, age doesn’t matter. Anyone having an age of at least an 3 years old can fly and enjoy the thrill. Here, you will be provided with a perfect outfit that is comfortable and easy to wear – trousers, comfortable shorts, t-shirt with no collar, socks, and flat shoes.

You can also fly with your family or friends. If you book a session with your friend's group or family, you will all go through the experience in the same session and you will be taken to the flight chamber together. To enjoy your sport guaranteed, you are recommended to book in advance by making an online booking or visiting our recreation desk so that you can join in the next available class.

Come and enjoy flying with us!