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June 14, 2019 by Scoopify  

Cyber bullying is an offense where an individual or group of people uses the internet to dominate, harass, and suppress another person mentally and emotionally. Cyberbullies inflicts devastating effects leading to depression, mental imbalance and sometimes it leads to committing suicides. In some jurisdiction itis an illegal offense but globally this has to be established yet.

Cyber bullying is a continuous processfollowed using electronic tools like smartphones, emails, text, videos, laptops and other means. Traditional bullying is less harmful as bullying is done in small frame but cyber bullying has wider aspect, the person being bullied gets frighten and insecureof being exposed, which results in depression, mental disposition and the count of Cyber Bullying Facts increases

It’s difficult to keep a pace with internet and social media, parents and educators must focus on prevalence of cyber bullying facts.

Here is the list of some Cyber Bullying facts

·         According to Cyber Bullying 87% of teens witness cyber bullying through communicating tools.

·         The most shocking cyber bullying fact is that one out of three kids feels that they are more accepted on social media networks than real life.

·         39% of children do not maintain their privacy on social media.

·         As per cyber bullying facts survey 15 % of teensor children bully their own friends.

·         24% of children, students do not know what to do if harassed online.

·         34% students claimed that they have been bullied once in a life time.

·         72% children reported their experience as they were cyber bullied for their looks

·         Cyber bullying fact states that 41% girls faces cyber bullying than boys (28%).

·         10% of children tried to take their own lives and that’s the most devastating cyber bullying fact.

Technology is a boon for human being but when shocking events take place which causes someone’s life then it is a bane

Parent’s, adults and educators must make efforts to develop mental strength, to teach how to observe one’s behaviorand make them believe that there is someone trust worthy behind them always for help, support, love and care.

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) drafted guidelines for cyber bullying

·         Block cyber Bullies on Social media sites and add  a report to website admonish=tar=tors

·         Avoid placing personal details and your whereabouts online.

·         If you are facing cyber bullying don’t be shy or hesitant express your problems to a trusted adult or your parents.