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Safari Not Working on Mac/iPhone? Here’s How to Fix It

June 17, 2019 by ask helpme  

Although iPhones and iPads support other apps to reach the Web, Safari remains the most favored and frequently used browser for iOS users. Troubleshooting on Safari can be frustrating, especially if its issues prevent you from searching for a solution online. Here are a few common reasons why Safari not working on Mac/iPhone/iPad and how to fix the problems.

Safari not working? How to Fix Common Safari Problems:-

The Problem: Safari Won’t Load a Page

If Safari fails to load a website or loads a blank page, it may be because of a network error or poor network connection.

Disable Experimental Features

You may not know about this, but Safari for the iPhone has a whole load of experimental features that you can disable and enable as you please.

The problem with these, as the name suggests, is that they are indeed experimental and subsequently don’t all work properly. Disabling them one by one can fix Safari if it’s not working, and help you discover which exact feature was causing the problem,

On your iPhone, go to “Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Experimental Features”.

If you have more than one feature enabled here, disable just one, then check to see if Safari works normally again. If it doesn’t, re-enable that feature (if you want it), and disable the next one along. Keep repeating this procedure until (hopefully) Safari starts working again.

Change Your Network Settings:-

Try resetting your WiFi connection and reconnecting to the network.

1. Go to “Settings -> WiFi” and turn it off, then turn it back on after a few seconds.

2. If you’re using mobile data, go to “Settings -> Cellular,” and turn “Cellular Data” off and back on after a few seconds.

3. If neither option works, go to “Settings -> WiFi,” connect to a different WiFi network, and try loading the web page again.

The Problem: Safari Crashed and Won’t Open

If you’ve ever panicked after Safari closed unexpectedly and couldn’t get the app to start, you probably encountered a bug that affects Safari’s search engine suggestions. This issue can cause the app to crash, freeze, or fail to start altogether. Although the bug usually plagues devices running iOS 10, it can affect just about any iPhone or iPad.

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