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The best tips to protect Bambusfurnier

June 17, 2019 by Glain max  


Bambuszaun und Bambus Sichtschutzelemente is increasingly popular among architects, interior designers and owners of apartments and houses. Because it is very light but very strong (30% harder than oak parquet) and contains a unique texture and colors.

The floor is the only part of the house with which you will be in contact at any time, always. The appearance of a floor is very important, but no less important is the sensation of touch. The Massivholzbalken has a natural shine that is incredible. As a sustainable fact, the use of bamboo soil helps more than a normal wooden floor to preserve forests, this makes it even more interesting.

Here in this article, we at crownbamboo.com offers the best tips to care Bambusfurnier.

Tips to preserve the parquet:

If you already have Bambus Arbeitsplatten at home or you have decided to put it, remember these tips to protect it from premature aging, and always look beautiful and bright:

•    Install a carpet at the door of the house, the dust that comes from outside erodes the Bambus Fassadenelemente.
•    Try not to wear shoes at home, especially sharp heels and even less during rainy days. Mud and moisture damage to this type of soil.
•    It covers the legs of chairs and some furniture with protectors. They sell them with stickers and, thus, when dragging them, we will not damage the floor so much.
•    If you drop a glass of water or similar, dry it immediately with a soft cloth.
•    Do not clean it with the same soap from other floors. There are specific products for it or better still, it makes a finish with vinegar and a few drops of essential oil to preserve it naturally.
•    If your parquet is subjected to intense sunlight during the day, try not to give it directly or it may cause discoloration of the wood.
•    Avoid vacuuming every time you clean it. There are brushes with special bristles that are much more delicate with it. Many times, a soft mop will be enough to get rid of the dust.
•    If there are streaks on the ground after a while and they are not very deep, repair them yourself with putties to restore the wood.

If you want to see the models of Bambuszaun und Bambus Sichtschutzelemente that we have in our online store, you may surely visit at crownbamboo.com. You may also contact us. We will gladly clarify all your concerns.