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Bamboo parquet is the best material for installing laminate floors

June 17, 2019 by Glain max  


Bamboo is a sustainable material very little used in the West as massivholzdielen. Now bamboo parquet is being commercialized to raise awareness with the environment, thanks to its 100% ecological style. The raw material during its manufacture is bamboo, a natural element capable of regeneration in 5 years. In addition, the production and transport process is very aware of the environment.

Bamboo parquet, ecological flooring:

Bamboo is a very new material in the West but very used in Asian countries as in China. This material is a very hard fiber, known as steel grass. In general, it is considered more durable and resistant, stable and elastic than other woods such as oak.

In addition, this ecological material as pavement self-regulates the house temperature according to the temperature (in summer it is fresh, and in winter it is warm). It is also non-slip and absorbs noise. So strand woven bamboo flooring is the best flooring option.

Bamboo can grow one meter per day:

Landhausdielen or bamboo floors, the alternative to the deforestation of tropical woods

One of the natural resources that are most at risk is hardwood, especially tropical woods. We propose an alternative to help solve this problem. Bamboo is an herb that has many qualities and characteristics similar to wood.

This type of grass is the fastest growing in the world. A third of the bamboo trunks can be cut every year, without their population decreasing due to their rapid growth.

The new era of bamboo has begun. Probably bamboo is an unknown option, but it is a solid floor suitable for exterior and interior. Currently, there are shops that have installed bamboo parquet, even being very resistant spaces.

Uses of bamboo flooring:

- Solid bamboo flooring
- Bamboo blinds
- Bamboo house facades
- Bamboo Fences

Advantages of bamboo parquet or bamboo laminate flooring:

- Total control of the production phase.
- Alternative to parquets or solid wood laminate floors eco-sustainable.
- Great resistance to scratches, dents, and stains caused by furniture, shock or liquids. This feature will be thanks to the quality varnish that will be applied to bamboo.
- Ease of cleaning.
- They do not require subsequent maintenance.
- Adapts to climatic changes easily: great adaptation to humid environments.
- Large thermal conductor adapting to the radiant floor heating system.
- Fertigparkett aus bambus comes with a variety of finishes and shades.
- Soft touch and great resistance.
- There are waterproof bamboo floors, perfect for use in kitchens, laundry rooms or bathrooms.

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