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Book your Kanyakumari Tour Packages from Wonder World Travels

June 18, 2019 by Wonder World Travels  

Get the best Kanyakumari tour packages from Wonder World Travels. We offer Kanyakumari tour packages at an affordable price that is perfect for your budget. Let’s tell you something about Kanyakumari. The beauty of the city comes from the amalgamation of land and water. The southernmost point of India, Kanyakumari offers you an amazing view of the seas here. The city is also famous for its old churches. Visit the lovely coastal city of Kanyakumari with the help of our Kanyakumari holiday packages.
What’s Special about Kanyakumari?
There are a lot of places for which Kanyakumari tour plans are made. People who have already visited this place once are the ones who are even crazier for coming back here again and that is just because of this place so loveable and full of breathtaking experiences. The best attraction of this city is Vivekananda Rock Memorial, it is a really a huge rock carved into the shape of Swami Vivekananda. A tour to this city would be surely incomplete if one does not include this is his or her list. There is a point in this place where three mighty oceans meet and you just cannot miss out in this. Then there is Dhyan Mandapam, it is actually a meditation hall and the vibes and energy that you feel as soon as you enter this hall is quite hard to be explained in words as it can only be felt and not described. It is only 500 m away and you can reach there by ferry with about 30 to 50 Rs ticket for a ferry. Another thing for which Kanyakumari tour packages are famous for is Gandhi Mandapam. It is actually a memorial dedicated to the father of our nation. This is built using Orissa styled architecture and has sacred ashes of the great man. The design and structure of this infrastructure are so that on 2nd October the sunray falls exactly at the spot where the ashes were placed. Another exciting attraction of Kanyakumari holiday packages is the Padmanabhapuram palace. This palace is made up of 16th-century teakwood and is one of the best examples of sight-seeing in the city. It a treat for eyes and is a brilliant example of the architectural brilliance of the erstwhile kingdom of Travancore. And then the most exciting place in all of the Kanyakumari, The Kanyakumari Beach. Any Kanyakumari honeymoon package is surely incomplete with this place included in it. The best part about this beach is that it is located at the confluence point of the trio- the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The lighthouse, sunrise-sunset views and differently colored sand makes it the most romantic place in all of the Kanyakumari and this is the reason why this place is said to be the best for honeymoons in India.
Kanyakumari Tour Packages
Located near the Laccadive Sea, Kanyakumari is one of the best places to spend a vacation at leisure. The small coastal towns have abundant beaches and many churches dotting the horizon. This town offers you a lazy vacation and a much-needed break from all the regular cities and sightseeing! So, just call us at +919811957978 and book your Kanyakumari tour packages.