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VooPoo Drag 2 MINI Starter Kit Review

June 18, 2019 by freemexy  

The Review for the voopoo vape was written by another staff writer, and he did a good job with it. I could probably get away with telling you the size, its integrated battery, and how it performs, and point you to the other review for all the details. But I’m not going to do that because as good as that review is, the Drag 2 Mini Kit definitely deserves its own standalone review.

Both the VooPoo Drag 2 Starter Kit and the Drag 2 Mini Starter Kit were released on the same day. I find that interesting because the way it usually works is that a manufacturer of vape mods would release a full-size mod first, then ‘goose’ sales with a ‘mini’ version. I can’t tell you why VooPoo did this, just that they did.

There are just a couple of differences between the full-size Drag 2 Kit and the Drag 2 Mini Kit. One is size; the Drag 2 Mini is 3.2-inches by 1.9-inches by 1-inch, whereas the full-size Drag 2 is 4.37-inches by 2-inches by 1.04-inches. From the dimensions, both Drag 2 mods are not all that different in size, but holding them up, side by side, you can see that the Drag 2 Mini is somewhat shorter.
The full-size Drag 2 is a Dual-18650 mod with a maximum wattage output of 177W, whereas the Drag 2 Mini delivers 117W of maximum output (fully charged), some 60W less. The Mini is also powered by 4400mAh Integrated Battery, with fast recharging, and lastly, whereas the full-size Drag 2 Starter Kit includes one 0.4ohm U2 Dual Coil (preinstalled) and one 0.2ohm N3 Triple Mesh Coil, the Drag 2 Mini includes a 0.6ohm P2 Single Mesh Coil (preinstalled) and the 0.13ohm N1 Single Mesh Coil.

With a price difference of roughly $10 between the full-size and the mini, it makes me wonder why the need for the mini Drag 2 in the first place. All the features of the Drag 2 are also in the Drag 2 Mini, including the Gene.FIT chipset.
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