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Buy a washing new machine? Read this first:

June 19, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

If you are going to buy a new washing machine for your home, you should consider the following tips offered by New York Dry Cleaning service.

What energy consumption should a new washing machine have?

A new washing machine should use as little power and little water as possible, so when looking for a new washing machine, the consumption values should be compared.

The energy consumption of all electrical appliances is marked according to European standards, whereby the energy class of a washing machine should no longer fall below the energy efficiency level A +.

Especially with cheap models or used washing machine must be paid attention to the power consumption, so you do not have to be annoyed about the higher energy costs. Economical models consume about 0.8 kilowatts of energy at 6 kilos of laundry per hour, whereas power guzzlers need around 1 kilowatt.

When it comes to water consumption, too, attention must be paid to resource efficiency, because a washing machine that consumes little electricity but uses a lot of water can be expensive in the long term. It is best if the washing machine consumes no more than 40 to 45 liters of water at 6 kilos of laundry. Water wasters consume 60 liters or more for the same amount.

How good must a new washing machine be?

As a rule of thumb, the better the laundry is thrown, the faster it will dry. However, not all substances must be spun at the same number of revolutions.

If you only sort by color due to the small amount of washing, you should resort to a washing machine where the spin speed can be easily set manually. So the wool sweaters can be washed with the cotton t-shirts.

Conventional washing machines have a minimum speed of 500 revolutions per minute and a maximum of 1,400 revolutions per minute. Particularly modern washing machines have a sling program that addresses the specifics of fabrics and hurls several stages. If you prefer to dry your laundry in the dryer instead of in the fresh air, you should use a device with a high spin rate, so that energy is saved when drying in the dryer.

What should be washed?

Another important factor that should play a role before buying the washing machine is the question of what should be washed at all. If you only wash your everyday clothes and live in a one-to-two-person household, you do not need the same machine as a large family with small children.

These important tips given by New York Dry Cleaning service will surely help you to buy the ideal washing machine.