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June 19, 2019 by Zinavo  



At this point, the digital marketing landscape has been disrupted so much that what was effective just a few years ago is now old hat.

With the most extreme population going on the web for researching any product that interests them have made ready for incorporating developments in the marketing industry.The introduction to artificial intelligence and the voice search uncovers the development of innovation which gauges the fate of mechanical world contextualized regarding the advanced showcasing field.

Here  the most important digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2019.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Personalization
  • Chatbots
  • Next-Generation SEO
  • Omnichannel Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Programmatic Advertising

Artificial Intelligence:



In this digitally optimized word what less you can expect of facilitating up the client's shopping knowledge. The Artificial insight is currently advancing client division. Push up warnings, following, each and every technique is currently controlled by artificial intelligence. The utilization of man-made brainpower in your business relies on the idea of your business objectives.


On the off chance that you've at any point made a purchaser persona, you're as of now acquainted with personalization.


90% of the U.S. populace discovered customized advertising content very or to some degree engaging in 2017, with just 4% saying it was not very or not under any condition engaging. As indicated by Forbes, 44% of customers state they are probably going to purchase from an organization again after a customized shopping knowledge.

Marketing personalization has numerous benefits:

  • Better client encounters
  • Expanded brand devotion
  • More income
  • Cross-channel selling openings
  • Brand consistency

Regardless of whether it's a name on a Starbucks cup or a yell out on a video message, individuals love realizing that their preferred brands remember them and care about their encounters. This stands as a glaring difference to the advertising strategies of old.


Cover promotion battles and appealing jingles simply don't cut it any longer. Organizations never again have command over the business procedure. The client holds every one of the cards.

It's currently dependent upon organizations to make purchasing from them as simple and pleasant as could reasonably be expected.


Be that as it may, personalization is taking on an entirely different importance on account of showcasing robotization and different advancements. For instance, email personalization will before long go a long ways past just auto-filling a beneficiary's first name in the title.


Contacts will be divided consequently dependent on new parameters, similar to look through history and off-site movement. Messages will be sent dependent on a client's information profile, not just in view of time zones and harsh theories about email open rates at specific occasions of the day.


All things considered, personalization will be the #1 instrument for change rate improvement over each showcasing channel. Hope to see a greater amount of the accompanying:

  • Customized item suggestions
  • Customized web-based social networking messages
  • Customized video messages
  • Directed and activated messages
  • Propelled email personalization
  • Mechanized contact division
  • Customized advanced publicizing
  • Web content personalization

Those organizations that organize making an individualized encounter for their clients will receive the benefits.




Installing a chatbot for interacting with your customers on the website is the most effective technique of providing solutions to the queries of the customers. Chatbots efficiently handles every query and provide professional and ethical solutions for your queries. It is the most cost- effective technique.

Next-Generation SEO:

In July of 2018, Google rolled out its “PageSpeed” update. This is just one in a long line of search algorithm updates that have kept digital marketers on their toes.


For example, Google now understands user intent better than ever before. Its algorithms can input the user’s context, such as the user’s location, search history, and other information, into the search equation. That’s why when you search, “Chinese restaurants” in New York, you don’t get a list of every Chinese restaurant in the United States.


Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to this change. They may host their websites in shared server environments that have limited resources. They don’t have the same web development resources that the big guys do, either.


With the latest update, Google says it will prioritize fast-loading websites over slow-loading ones when ranking them in search results.


To optimize for search in 2019, businesses should do the following:

  • Create pages with the user in mind, not the search engine
  • Prioritize an easy user experience
  • Integrate different types of media into each page
  • Implement a white hat backlinking strategy
  • Optimize every page for load speed
  • Use schema markup
  • Use a sitemap
  • Focus on video
  • Create more long-form written content
  • Optimize for local search

Any business that generates a large portion of its revenue through search engine results pages (SERPs) can’t afford to neglect these tactics in 2019.

Omnichannel Marketing:



Multichannel marketing was introduced to welcome prospects to interact with the businesses through various channels. It provides better communication prospect across all the channels. Keeping track of various interactions taking place on various channels is the main aim of the omnichannel marketing.  This technique helps in customer retention.

Video Marketing 

What attracts the customers more is the videos than the blogs or other form of written content. According to a report by Oberlo “54% of the consumer wants to see more video content from a brand or business they support”. It’s awakening for the business owners to engage customer by more video content which can prove beneficial in the business.


It’s a great thing to be backed by a great SEO company in India for visualizing the big picture. Great strategies along with the focus on the revolutionizing trends in 2019 can help your business witness an exponential hike.

Programmatic Advertising:

Overseeing promotions is an all day work. However, with such huge numbers of new channels to achieve clients through, not by any means a full-time promoting group has enough hours in the day to keep up. That is the reason an ever increasing number of organizations are attempting to give AI a chance to take it over.


Automatic promoting is a procedure that utilizations AI to purchase and place commercials dependent on focusing on calculations. On the off chance that this sounds well-known, this is on the grounds that it's as of now generally utilized. By 2020, over 86% of all computerized presentation advertisements will be bought through robotized channels.


Nonetheless, automatic promoting reaches out past the internet. It can likewise be utilized to purchase and sell various types of media, from presentation notices to out-of-home promotions.

In its current form, it’s a better option for brands with mass-market appeal than those with niche appeal. Nonetheless, with programmatic ads taking over digital display advertising, it’s a trend to keep tabs on.


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