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Silicon Innovation & Technology Group

June 19, 2019 by Sam Kim  

Silicon Innovation & Technology Group is a business incubator and a member of the National Business Incubation Association. It provides a series of service support by providing physical space and infrastructure for newly-established technology-based SMEs in the new energy field, thereby reducing the entrepreneurial risk and entrepreneurship cost of entrepreneurs, improving the success rate of entrepreneurship, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and fostering success. Business and entrepreneurs. The Silicon Group adopts a five-in-one accelerator mode: investment + mechanism + system + space + ecology. Accelerators are the most successful incubation spaces in the United States, with a very small number of only 8% of the nation's total.


《New energy network ecology》

The New Energy Network Foundation

A global new energy sharing autonomous organization. NENF is building shared numbers

Infrastructure, an open source, scalable blockchain platform; designed for new energy

Designed for industry regulation, operations and market needs. NENF by: Alexandra Innovation & technology Group

Alison Innovation & technology Group

Silicon Innovation & technology Group

Co-founded, affiliated to the Silicon Incubator Incubation Agency. With more than 30 branch offices and an evolving global network, it is the largest new energy blockchain alliance and the industry's leading blockchain base layer choice, providing a new energy future for the digital DNA building blocks.

《New Energy Vehicle Networking》

The new energy vehicle network is an intelligent ecosystem of electric vehicle industry based on the underlying technology of NEN Chain. It aims to provide users with a decentralized and non-tamperable intelligent blockchain network for electric vehicle industry, serving users' rights and generating derivative economic value. The electric car uses a service system. In such a complete ecological network, an intelligent and efficient driving system housekeeper, equipped with blockchain technology, can fully drive the driving mileage data of individual users, driving the track, driving the scene, and driving habits. Data consumption such as value consumption. The user has built a constantly improved encrypted portrait of the user's driving behavior. This portrait docks the user's personalized demand service. In the DAPP scene user, it can provide replacement in the built-in base platform of the automotive industry blockchain DAPP application. The modular basic service truly forms a complete closed loop of driving ecology.


《Ecological value interconnection》

Looking to the future, we will build a global new energy Internet and promote the world.

The transformation of energy in the world and the promotion of global economic development are in line with the common interests of all mankind. They are of great significance, far-reaching and broad prospects. Global New Energy Internet Development We are willing to work with countries and relevant parties around the world to build broad consensus, deepen pragmatic cooperation, jointly promote global new energy Internet construction, promote world energy and economic transformation, and achieve clean, low-carbon and sustainable development. , creating great benefits for all mankind, towards a better tomorrow