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Call Paging System

June 19, 2019 by famatechnologies  

Call Paging System encourages proficient team administration with better visitor experience. Our paging frameworks offer dependable, forefront and practical paging arrangements. We take into account cafés, retail, emergency clinics and centers with exact solutions to their paging needs. Following are our distinctive kind of Paging Systems 




Client Paging :

Visitors are just given a Customer Call IQ pager and they are allowed to visit close-by territories to kill time. The pager Lights up or blares or vibrates or does all to get back to them.

Push Button :

Push Button-The Push catches are productive for reaching an on location partner, with firm long range and solid remote call catches. The catches have straightforward determinations to signify their appropriateness, hence bringing down perplexity. Push-catches are of an incredible application at therapeutic workplaces, individual and multi-supplier rehearses in the dental, church, supermarkets and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Simple Call :

The Easy Call, with scope of miniaturized scale catches, engages clients to gather staff to anyplace in the premises. The arrangement is proficient in outside zones, cafés and retail locations.

Vuze :

Vuze-For Convenient Table Service for a Better Customer Experiences, Vuze helps in conveying/serving the request quicker and crisp out of the kitchen! In this manner lessening the blockage and keeping up a presumed name of the café. By simply giving the clients a visitor tag, the framework's one of a kind and advance connected science innovation takes every necessary step of easily informing the staff of the client's area or table.

Medi Call :

Medi call empowers patients to sit tight anyplace they find appropriate for their medicinal arrangement or at the drug store.

Server Paging :

At the point when suppers are prepared, the culinary specialist presses the Waiter Call transmitter sending a quiet message to the proper staff part's page to make a move.


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