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White gold jewelry –An appealing blend of tradition and modernism

June 19, 2019 by Avi Goyal  




White gold nowadays, is a popular choice as a jewelry metal. Its resemblance virtually identical with platinum and affordable price on a contrary of platinum, make it desirable among common people. It is often used as an alternative to silver, platinum or yellow gold, reason being its comparatively lower price. White gold setting with diamonds jewelry is prominently admired around the globe. 


Let’s put some light on where this beautiful metal comes from? White gold is a mixture of pure gold and white metals, such as palladium, silver and nickel which bleach away the yellow tint of gold. It usually has a rhodium coating. The purity of this form of gold is also measured in carats. White gold is available in 14 carats, 18 carats and 21 carats.


The jewelry made out of white gold is more durable and scratch resistant since it is alloyed with stronger metals. White gold jewelry is more affordable than platinum jewelry and looks astonishing with diamond settings. It requires less maintenance and can be re-coated if the shine looks faded away. It is easier to fix, solder, straighten, polish, reset or repair a white gold jewelry piece. However, it needs to be kept separated from other jewelry and cleaned with a soft fabric. There are cleaning products available in market for white gold jewelry.


Gold Diamond Jewellery can be teamed up with ethnic as well as western attire. White gold looks breathtakingly amazing with diamond. Therefore, it is popular among brides not only for rings but for all kinds of fancy jewelry settings. Men jewelry market has also been grown in past decade making white gold a great choice for engagement and wedding rings.


White gold jewelry is known to be last longer, more durable and much resistant to dents, scratches and any other accidental imperfections. It also perfectly complements all skin tones giving a sophisticated appearance.