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Which affection cosplay from the alternation Free

June 21, 2019 by ccosplayjojo  

Onnies was a adumbrative of Thailand at the AFA Regional Cosplay Championship 2011 and was awarded with the 1st Runner-up cost for her cosplay of Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII-2. She has cosplayed both macho and changeable characters, such as Miku and Luka from Vocaloid, Bayonetta from the bold Bayonetta and Gai Tsutsugami from Guilty Crown Buy Cosplay Costumes.

This Singapore-based cosplayer has been on the arena aback 2011.

His cosplay roles awning Spider-man and Deadpool, the Coolie from Kungfu Hustle, Gilgamesh from Fate Breach Night and Lee Sin from Riot Games’s League of Legends. Ting’s cosplay YouTube videos, which affection cosplay from the alternation Free! has over 2.4 amateur views.

Ting formed as a aerialist in Universal Studios Singapore for six years, and is now a claimed exercise trainer. His favourite anime alternation are Slam Dunk and Naruto, while his favourite abecedarian are Apple Of Warcraft and Counterstrike.

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