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If you are accustomed with the cosplay scene

June 23, 2019 by ccosplayjojo  

If you are accustomed with the cosplay scene, you may acquire heard of addition model, cosplayer, and agreeable architect Octokuro – the wearer of abounding faces. Although some of her getting is accounted NSFW, that doesn’t yield abroad from her raw aptitude of nailing every cosplay accouterments she takes on. In this specific dress-up, Octokuro takes on the persona of V, although in the bold you can acquire whether you ambition to Buy Cosplay Costumes be a macho or a changeable V.

Here we see V, who is the advocate of Cyberpunk 2077, accompanied by Jackie Welles who is V’s aboriginal point of acquaintance as able-bodied as V’s abettor during several missions in the game. If I aboriginal saw this angel on Reddit, I actually affected it was a screenshot that anyone had captured and it wasn’t until I clicked assimilate it did I apprehend that this was, in fact, a brace cosplaying.

Octokuro and her abettor darky_310 who plays Jackie and who is aswell a cosplayer, affectation a absurd Cyberpunk 2077 duo. They acquire both able not abandoned the character’s accoutrements but aswell artful their attitude and mannerisms that arise through so well, even in account form.

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