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Pool lighting with LED spotlights: Characteristics and elements to consider

June 26, 2019 by Glain max  


The Colour Pool Light for swimming pools is characterized by their tightness, since their installation takes place inside swimming pools, completely submerged.
The Colour Changing Pool Light spotlights catalog covers different power sources with an IP68 protection rating (submersible), where you can find models for its recessed installation and models for surface installation.
Types of Led spotlights for swimming pools based on their installation:
Recessed Installation Spotlights:
These are placed in the existing niches in the pools for this purpose. They replace the traditional 300w bulbs, consuming only 25w thanks to their LED technology.
Surface Installation Spotlights:
These pool spotlights are designed to be installed in those pools that do not have holes made for the Par 56 spotlights. In addition to their total tightness (IP68), they are made of robust materials, such as stainless steel for its constant contact with water.
Hayward Pool Lighting:
Hayward Pool Lighting for swimming pools is the ideal product for those looking to swim or light up their pool at night. These spotlights are approved with the IP68 sealing protection, the highest established by the International Community, guaranteeing perfect operation under water. Our LED pool lights project a high-quality uniform light and produce no flickering or noise.
Thanks to their low energy consumption they can provide energy savings of 70% compared to the traditional luminaire.
Its main application is to illuminate swimming pools but can also be used in fountains, ponds, public parks, etc.
LED Pool Lighting:
With the arrival of summer, everyone enters the hurry to do the maintenance of their pools. What to clean, what to paint, what to reform but has anyone stopped to think about changing the lights of their pool to get better lighting and also achieve high energy savings?
Life is for making decisions and this year it is your turn to change your old and inefficient lights for an Underwater Lighting, energy efficiency, and lifespan, and you know it.
White Pool Light led as a light source can help you save on the bill of light and highlight your pool creating a luminous flux that will fascinate everyone, especially the RGB models, where you can change the color of the lamp creating different environments in your pool.
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