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The Myriad Massage Therapies You Can Avail of at a Spa

June 26, 2019 by Karaou Govender  

Managing with deadlines, restless nights and your workload stacking up could actually take a toll on your body. It might be time to give yourself some outstanding pampering and there is no better way than a long comforting massage in Sandton to unwind those fatigued muscles. Research has revealed more benefits of massages which consist of pain respite, abridged anxiety and unhappiness. It also provisionally eases blood pressure and heart rate. Massage spas offer facilities that relieve aching points in the body, thus, encouraging relaxation.

Here are the standard services of massage in Sandton being offered:


A method centered upon the knowledge that all organs and muscle clusters have conforming reflexes in the hands and feet. Pressure point stimulation discharges tension, decreases weariness and opens energy paths permitting the body's organs to function to their completest potential. Reflex points on the feet and hands are targeted by employing thumb and finger pressure. This relaxing treatment mends blood circulation and welfare.

Deep tissue

Are you experiencing muscle spasms recently? Then deep tissue massages are superlative for you. This breaks up bonds in the muscles, revives and de-stress by concentrating pressure on deep muscle.

Stone massages

A stone might prove to be as praiseworthy as gold by the revitalizing effects that it brings. Heated stones (typically basalt or marble) are positioned under the back, along both sides of the spine and on top of the chest. These relax the muscles, permitting the massage therapist to work profounder into the muscle. Cold stone therapy is also becoming prevalent. Cold stones act as a potent decongestant.

Aromatherapy massage

This kind of massage is done with the usage of aromatic essential oils from plants and herbs to mollify pain and assuage tension. Visualize lying in a water tub encircled by vibrant-colored fresh flowers, immerse in the fragrance of aromatic oils that serve to unwind and pacify the mind. Some massage spas have a catholic collection of diverse massage oils from which you can select from.

Foot massages

These are executed in addition with other facilities such as pedicures. It can also be executed in a treatment room.

Swedish massage

One of the most prevalent relaxation therapies is the Swedish massage. The massage makes use of fixed, gentle pressures in the route of the blood flow returning to the heart to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle pain and strain. Swedish massage facilities are priced on hourly basis.