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Unable to restore AOL Desktop gold on my computer

June 27, 2019 by Adam Wilson  

Whenever the users install AOL Desktop Gold in the operating system, a desktop icon gets created on the window screen enabling the users to navigate and browse the application in an easy way. This feature is basically present with AOL Gold and not with AOL software, where AOL Gold can be seen as the updated and a more efficient version of the former one. The users just need to double click on the icon, and they enjoy the seamless experience of browsing through the web, searching for news content, playing games, listening to music, or even accessing AOL mail. But what if you find that the desktop icon has gone missing suddenly? Do not worry as you can easily restore it in the system. The icon gets hidden due to some activity done by the users. The steps for restoring the missing AOL Gold icon has been discussed below, and it is so simple that you can execute the steps on your own.

How to restore missing AOL Desktop Gold on your system

Procedure 1-  Recovering the icon from the missing desktop icons

ØStep 1- Close all the programs that are running in the system

ØStep 2- Open the desktop screen and move the mouse cursor to an empty space

ØStep 3- Press the right click to open the menu bar

ØStep 4- Click on ‘View’ and put a tick mark on ‘Show Desktop Icons,’ will show all the desktop icons that were created

Procedure 2- Restoring the ,  from the system tray

A system tray is a taskbar section which contains the icons of different applications and also the details about time, internet connection, sound, etc. It is present at the bottom of the computer

ØStep 1- Take the mouse cursor to the right bottom corner of the desktop screen

ØStep 2- Click on a small triangle icon on the system tray

ØStep 3- You will now see an option of Customize

ØStep 4- Click on that and you will get a list of the programs installed

ØStep 5- Search for AOL Desktop Gold and then select the option of creating a shortcut.

ØStep 6- This will restore the missing AOL icon on the screen

If none of the above-given steps work and you are not able to relocate the icon on the desktop screen, then the last procedure that you can adopt is to Install AOL desktop Gold software in the system again, and it will create the desktop icon on its own. But make sure that before installing the program, you uninstall the previous version.


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