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Advantages of bamboo parquet

June 27, 2019 by Glain max  


Bamboo, more than a type of wood, is properly an herb. Since bamboo grows very easily in those places where it is endemic, its felling does not imply any aggression to the environment. That is why Woven Parkettboden is said to be a highly ecological option.
But the advantages of bamboo parquet do not end there, far from it. Known by the nickname of "the steel grass", it is one of the most stable and hard materials that exist, much more than the classic oak floors.
In addition, Bambus Parkett is a pavement suitable for indoor and outdoor use, since it is a material resistant to moisture at the same time as non-slip. And being water-repellent parquet, it can be used without problems in places like kitchens, laundry rooms or bathrooms.
Comfort and thermal insulation capacity:
Another virtue of bamboo parquet is its comfort and thermal insulation capacity as it helps to regulate the temperature of the home, refreshing the stay in summer and keeping the heat in winter.
And from the aesthetic point of view, it is a very elegant and colorful pavement, with different tones, all of them very natural, and different finishes. The beauty of a bamboo floor is undoubtedly another of its strengths.
Another characteristic to note is that Bambus Terrassendielen is considered a more sustainable alternative and respectful of the environment than other woods.
The reason is that a forest of traditional woods takes time to grow back between 30 and 60 years (a forest of oaks, for example, about 50 years), while bamboo is a plant that regenerates much more quickly (just six years), in plantations managed by man or in virgin forests. It is an invasive plant species that does not need to be replanted, and that springs up again every year.
And besides, it seems that bamboo is very efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide, 30 percent more than trees. On the other hand, the bamboo that is used which is a giant bamboo also called “moso”, is not the variety that pandas consume.
Bamboo floor maintenance:
As with Bambusfurnier in general, for indoor floor cleaning, it is recommended to vacuum or, in any case, a mop to remove dust and lint.
To clean stains on this type of floor, you can moisten a cloth or a mop lightly. To remove scratches you can use special maintenance waxes.
As you have read, Bambus Arbeitsplatten has many advantages and it can surely enhance the beauty of your home.