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100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Garment Collection

July 1, 2019 by fabricplush  

For the collection of the 100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Garment(ROUROUROU), we usually pay great attention to the maintenance and collection of the clothes. We have already learned about the maintenance of it. The following is about how to collect plush fabrics. When the plush is in the collection, it is necessary to go to the dust and dry it to store it after the tide. It is best to dry-clean again, dry cleaning can not only decontaminate, improve the cleanliness of the clothing, but also disinfect the clothing. Because the dry cleaning agent tetrachloroethylene has a strong bactericidal and insecticidal effect.

Plush clothing has a strong hygroscopicity, so in the rainy season, always give ventilation or airing to prevent mold and deterioration. Avoid glare when drying, or sun-baked, to avoid discoloration.

Plush clothing is easy to attract insects, so when collecting for a long time, put anti-caries agent in the suitcase or wardrobe to ensure the safety of the clothing.

Plush clothing should be worn carefully. If there is a broken hole, it should be repaired in time to avoid further expansion. Plush clothing is a high-end clothing, must not be piled up indiscriminately, pay attention to protect the shape of the clothes, do not cause wrinkles. In particular, some long-staple garments are more afraid of being stressed. Therefore, when storing such clothing, use a hanger to hang it to avoid deformation and deformation.

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