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How Burglars Invade Home Locks

July 2, 2019 by Hafid Saidi Alaoui  

Burglary is usually a crime of opportunity instead of premeditation. There’s no such thing as an unpiackable lock, so the best thing you can do to safeguard your house is to make it as unappealing as possible to intruders. A mixture of security features is usually suggested, from strong locks to security systems. Listed below are some typical ways that burglars evade residential locks, and how to protect against them from a point of view of professional locksmith in Raleigh.

Unlocked windows or doors:

Intruders like it best when they can just get through an unlocked window or door, and this is more widespread than you might visualize. You can significantly strengthen your house security by taking a few moments to check all the window and door locks prior to going to sleep or leaving home. Even the most advanced lock in the globe is unhelpful if it is not locked.


No alarm:

Intruders dislike alarm systems for the same reason homeowners like them: they draw awareness to the home incursion. Without an alarm system, the intruder has adequate time to work on picking your locks. With an alarm system, the intruder is expected to evade your house instead of risk attempting to immobilize it. The ideal option is a monitored unit that’ll send the cop to your door, but even a basic, low-priced alarm us better than nothing.


No deadbolts:

Over 30 percent of intruders get through the front door, and over 22 percent enter through the back door. Any lock short of a deadbolt does little to slow down them. While it’s critical to secure all entrance points, just integrating top-quality deadbolts to your back and front doors can make a significant impact on your property security.

Sliding doors:

Sliding door locks are a joke to pro intruders. Fit a safety bar, or at least fix in place a cheap dowel rod into the track frame, to dishearten burglars from getting through your sliding door.

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Open garage doors:

The door between your house & your garage is hardly secure. Several contractors fit hollow interior doors with cheap locks, on the premise that your overhead door will offer security. Yet it’s all too simple to by mistakenly leave your overhead door open. Not just is it easy for an intruder to walk in through the garage & get through the door to the home, but the garage offers excellent cover to avoid being noticed by the neighbors. Invest $50 in a garage door timer that’ll mechanically close the door following a set time span.

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