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How to resolve the error while sending AOL Email

July 3, 2019 by macy smith  

AOL mail is considered as the most prominent email communication service that is meant to solve the issue with a clear approach of customer satisfaction. AOL offers a range of features to all the users making their email communication a quality experience. However, sometimes you get that sending emails don’t work, and your contacts are not getting emails. To remove the issue of sending emails, you can contact at AOL Help Number and get the better solution. This blog will also help you to find the issue and fix them easily. 

Simple steps to remove the issue:

You can easily fix the issue related to sending emails from AOL email account. There are several methods you can try to sending email issues. Now you should follow these steps as given below:
1.Restart your computer:
You may encounter this issue if you are using your system for a long time without shutting it down for a while. So you need to close down all the running programs and save open files and then restart your computer. It will help to clear the RAM of the computer and may resolve the issue easily. 
2.Try a different browser:
An outdated version of the browser may also create an issue, so you need to update your browser instantly. You should try to use a different browser that will provide you clear information if the problem is associated with the browser. If you find that problem lies with the browser, then you should update it or download a newer one. 
3.Review your display name:
When you mention AOL in your display name, you may get some error in sending emails. So you should check your email settings and review the settings to getting acknowledging of hacking. Your account may have been compromised, and you will be unable to send emails. 
4.Clear your browser’s caches:
You should clean your browser and delete all the cookies, caches and browsing history from the browser. you can reset it and make it running fresh. 
5.Disable pop-up blocker: 
You can also disable the pop-ups for a while and add AOL to your whitelist. This may also help you to fix the issue. 
6.Disable firewall using antivirus software:
Windows firewall may also create some issues to the email and may prevent you from sending emails. So you need to disable your firewall for a while and get the access of AOL email. you can also use any installed antivirus software that will help you find virus and malware from the computer. And then you can try to open the AOL email again. 
7.The email account has been hacked:
When you get some strange emails in your sent folders that you have never sent, then you should be aware of hacking issues. In such cases, your account may have been hacked and should try to fix the issue. 
8.Problems with images challenges:
In some cases, the problem may happen due to the image challenge question. If you are unable to complete the image challenge, then you will not be able to send emails. So you need to fix this issue and try to send emails again. 

Get customer support for further assistance:

You can contact at AOL Email Helpline Number if you need any support and further assistance. You will be getting prominent support and professional guidance from the expert community to remove the issue. 

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