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Why to choose Sri Lanka as your wedding destination?

July 6, 2019 by khuranareet  

Gone are the days when destination wedding was considered as the costly ones or only associated with the rich folks. Today destination marriages are accessible to many because of the cheaper flights, travel prone folks and improved connectivity. No one desires to get into that time consuming rituals and spend lavishly in them rather the couple’s focuses to travel and have fun on their special day, so Sri Lanka can be one of the beautiful yet luxury destination wedding venues for the couples.

SriLanka is a beautiful place which a perfect combination of the alluring beaches, beautiful garden, mind-blowing beaches and wonderful caves. The natural beauty is the prime reason for which Sri Lanka is considered as the best destination for wedding. And apart from everything who would not like to have the best wedding in an island with the beautiful sunset and sound of water waves.

Why to choose destination wedding SriLanka?

1. Dynamism:-

The following are the wedding options from which you can select which makes you more thrilled and excited:-

ØJungle based wedding

ØMarry in the ad mist of the sandy beach with an elephant

ØGet along with your partner in the boat on the smooth waves of the beaches.

ØGo for a private island wedding

ØTea plantation wedding

ØMarry in the old church in the hill country

2. Affordability:-

Sri Lanka is more affordable than its beauty and this is the reason why Indians are attracted to this wedding destination. Starting from the currency, cheaper flights to cities like Kandy & Colombo, and the affordable stays all these are enough to make it the most demanding wedding destination for the couple’s .the tax is lesser than India and Sri Lanka doesn’t possess any tedious formalities which most of the eastern countries possess.


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