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Things which one can do during their Batroun stay

July 8, 2019 by Oldtown Guesthouses  

The city of Batroun is famous for its Phoenician wall, the old square and the local drink, the best lemonade in the world. The city has a triangular shape and rests on a plain crossed by the Nahr el-Jawz River and the Mediterranean borders it on the west while the slopes of Mount Lebanon do it to the south and to the east and the Ras ech-Chaga plateau in the North. To the northeast of the city is Fort Mussaylha, an imposing fortress that was built by Fakhr Ed-Dine II and stands on a rocky promontory at a good height.


Some reasons to travel to Batroun:

  • The Beauties learned to celebrate Batroun festival when the bombs were leaving their city in a thousand pieces.
  • Beirut cuisine is also a party for the palate.
  • Beirut is a clear example of a meeting point between East and West.
  • The people: the Beirut is famous for their hospitality and for being very open-minded.
  • Since many believe that it is a dangerous destination, Beirut is not tourist but it is an experience for every self-respecting traveller.
  • Being so small, you can see a lot of Beirut in a short time and can enjoy Night life in Batroun.
  • Batroun guest house are very reasonable so easy to stay at Batroun

The best things to do in Beirut

 One of the best things about guest house for rent in Batroun is that, being so small, you can easily get apartment during your travel. I recommend that you stay in Beirut as your base and take day trips from there. Although the country is small, you will not get bored. There are so many things to do! Here are some ideas for your itinerary in Lebanon:

 Jeitta Grotto

About 20 km north of Beirut, Jeita Grotto is a system of two connected caves (upper and lower Grotto) and a proof that our Mother Nature is much more creative than man. It's hard to believe that all the rock formations in these caves are the result of a natural process!

Unfortunately, taking pictures inside the caves is prohibited. Look for them in Google or, even better, go see these caves with your own eyes as soon as possible.

The ticket (18,150 LL or 12 $) includes a cable car trip to access the upper cave, a walking tour inside the cave, a train trip to access the lower cave and a boat trip to explore the underground cave.


Another essential place on a trip to Lebanon is the historic city of Byblos. Byblos is a picturesque seaside resort with a lovely beach ideal for a day trip from Beirut. World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Byblos is considered one of the oldest cities in the world since it was founded in the year 7000 BC and has been continuously inhabited since the year 5000 BC until today.


Wineries in Batroun is not cheap but do not leave without trying the Lebanese wines and the local beers.