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Hamilton-rand.co.uk – The best laser engraving service providers

July 10, 2019 by Glain max  


When talking about machine engraving, we are talking about a process that does not require any type of contact. As the treatment is given, the piece should not be fixed. The machines for laser engraving have a closed casing that can give maximum security to the piece and the user.

Laser engraving at maximum speed:

At hamilton-rand.co.uk, our Traffolyte engraving machines work at a high speed, which makes it possible to increase our productivity and give customers any type of order to customers, regardless of what you need. Trust us for your urgent orders.

Applying simplicity in laser engraving:

The laser engraving machines with Steel stamps that we have, can be used in a completely intuitive way, which makes our team of professionals can carry out orders quickly with supreme quality. All are compatible with numerous standard design programs and some extra ones.

Reliability and high profitability:

By means of the electrical branding iron engraving machines of our company, you can enjoy a superior quality in every way and do all kinds of laser work with high demand.

Thanks to our speed and quality, both you and we gain new customers.

The lenses of the laser machine:

The laser tubes emit a type of laser beam that makes it is usually 6.3 and 8 mm. This type of engraving is perfect for high-quality laser engraving. What is done is to direct the laser through the mirrors that are passing through a small lens.

For greater precision, the focal length is different in each of the lenses of laser engraving machines.

Nowadays, all the processes of the market go through a laser method of any kind, normally with this type of lens, since they are focused on the areas of the industry and present endless advantages in any type of processing systems in all types of materials for which the following points are given:

•    Engraver has greater precision and much more remarkable detail. Laser engraving has the ability to record full cuts and many smaller types of curvature.

•    It has a type of permanent marking. Through the recording, we make in our company we have a type of laser engraving that does not disappear with the passage of time due to a lot of use that is given to the material.

•    All the works that are done today with laser engraving have a reduction of working time of up to 30%.

•    By doing this type of process with our company, you can reduce all types of costs without having any type of additional expense such as polishing or finishing costs.

•    This type of process is very clean and completely free of contaminants since no chemical substances are made during the engraving process.