LeapZipBlog: Mind Mingles's blog: HOW TO MAKE A GIRL LIKE YOU


July 12, 2019 by Mind Mingles  

Likes and dislikes are personal choices of a human being, since childhood you all learn to make your choices whether it’s about choosing ice cream flavors, colors, food, fruits, school,colleges, friends, electrical gadgets etc. there are infinite variants in your life for which you decide your likes, dislikes and before choosing the best we count all positive and negative aspects but when we choose our beloved one or the one who will bevery close to the heart or making someone like us becomes difficult.

Getting girls to know you and like you is quite difficult and confusing as girls are not one flavor of ice cream to taste and gulp down they are full of various flavors from sweet, tangy, sour, sparkly to hot, chilly, cold and mysterious. It’s hard to seek a girl’s attention in apositive way if you do something wrong you can turn a girl off and loose her attention in a blink of eye.

It is important to ascertain How To Make A Girl Like You and your charming personality when you are falling for her but do not know how to reach and impress her so this article will lead how to make a girl like you.


Do not try to retain any character from a movie or men’s magazine as girl always like who you are, you do not need to pretend to be something whoyou are not, all this cooks up a very confusing personality of your and may make agirl walkaway as pretending to be someone else may not keep you in long run with your girl always just be yourself and stay comfortable.


How to make girl like you if you are not truthful and honest. Boys must always make sure of not lying or make up stories asdishonesty makes you pay back truth, honest and trust are the basics of a true relationship always speak truth to your girl instead of beating around the bush as loyalty leads to long and healthy relationships.


Do not try to initiate any physical contact unless she is not ready and you want to take relationship to the next level. Always be patient and make her to build her confidence and trust in you.


Girls normally likes to stay away from the sight of a negative and shadowy person. When you are about how to make a girl like then always remember that your true nature and attitude leaves long lasting impact. Being easy, polite, positive and friendly makes you win hearts.


Guys must radiate their confidence by having good body language, straight shoulders, head held high and making eye contact to express youradmiration, being well groomed also makes you appear firm and confident Too little eye contact and stammering can make you appear nervous and insecure so always be confident while presenting yourself.


Do not say cheesy or cheap things to girls as this presentswrong idea about you,make effortsto complimentoriginally something from your heart, praise her sense of humor, fashion sense, style and her choices which depicts your attraction more than just physical.

Don’t be bossy, overruling, possessive, forceful about your girl as this may cast negative effect on her and may make her to change mind always let her own space, respect her decisions and make her feel comfortable and safe when she is with you this will make her warm and happy and she may start liking you.