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Small Indoor Elevator Self-help Knowledge

July 15, 2019 by odson don  

Elevators are inseparable in our daily life. There are elevators in residential areas, work areas, and public places. There are also various elevators. When there is a long-term use or problems with the machine, the elevator has occurred. How do we do the accident, then follow the otse elevator company to find out the self-help knowledge of the مصعد داخلي صغير after the accident.

1. Don't go to the elevator door

Never use your hand to pick up the elevator door. There is a certain danger in the elevator door by hand. In the certain range of the final stroke of the door, the automatic door opening device will fail, the hand will be forced into the hand, and the handle will be pinched at the end. Need to be reminded: the automatic door opening device of the elevator door is divided into two types, one is the light curtain type, and the other is the machine out of the board type, not all positions have induction.

2, press the floor, do the squat posture

Protection when the elevator is falling (when the elevator running speed suddenly increases). Regardless of the number of floors, press the buttons on each floor. If there is a handle in the elevator, hold one hand tightly. The entire back and head are close to the inner wall of the elevator and are in a straight line. The knee is in a curved posture.

3, waiting for rescue

When an elevator accident occurs, you must press and hold the alarm system inside the elevator. The staff will arrive in time for maintenance. Do not take action on your own, so that the color will not give you more serious problems. Waiting for the arrival of rescue technicians. Is the most correct method.


Self-rescue knowledge of elevator accidents? We must be calm when we encounter any situation, do not panic, show calm, let us find a solution, is the correct direction of accident development, why the elevator will have an accident, but also to warn us about the maintenance and maintenance of the elevator, I hope to be able to alert everyone.