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Bambooshop24 – Terrassendielen - Massivholzplatte

July 16, 2019 by Glain max  


The bamboo flooring is very similar to Woven Parkett but is described as more sustainable and more resistant: bamboo has a very rapid growth so as to quickly compensate for felled plants for the production of floors.

The bamboo flooring is suitable for domestic environments and external surfaces as it is much more resistant than other wood solutions, and it is much more resistant to water than laminated wood floors.

As it is clear, bamboo flooring is much more resistant than wood, it does not require short-term replacements and has a very long life span.

Until some time ago they could be described as difficult to clean and easy to spot. Today, almost all companies propose a specially developed bamboo floor as a base product to be stain-resistant and easy to clean.

To clean the günstig kaufen, use a neutral detergent, the classic well-wrung mop and unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, it will be necessary to refrain from passing the wax.

Bamboo flooring, advantages:

As clarified, today it is possible to choose bamboo coverings suitable for every need. The market offers sound-absorbing, light, flexible floors that are also suitable for ceilings and walls. Among the advantages of bamboo is the impact on health and the environment. From an environmental point of view, bamboo is very convenient: fast-growing varieties are regenerated within 5 years. The amount of material that can be produced from bamboo to trees is 20 times higher considering the same area of cultivation.

All in all, from a more practical point of view, bamboo is the ideal alternative for those who do not want to spend too much on maintenance, as they are much more resistant to scratches than the classic untreated parquet, as well as not prone to staining or discoloring over time.

Massivholzplatten kaufen is better to choose high-density slats, reinforced because they last even for a long time: in this way, your flooring can last for decades without great hitches.

This is followed by good resistance to humidity, as well as a greater sound-absorbing capacity: a fact that should not be underestimated in apartment buildings or in multi-story houses so that no annoying noises can be generated when walking.

Not surprisingly, the sound of footsteps on this material tends to be more muffled and reduced, compared to the crunches typical of other wooden alternatives. Bamboo is, therefore, more elastic, more adaptable to environments with irregular shapes, and more resistant to flames.

If you have no idea which particular Bambus Sichtschutz Elemente is your good for your home or office, do not worry! Just contact us on bambooshop24.de and we will guide you.