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Rainbow Moonstone Uses

July 17, 2019 by gemsn gems  

There are many stones which you can buy to improve on your look. People also buy stones to enjoy it's amazing uses. One of the popular stones is the natural rainbow moonstone.

The rainbow moonstone is known as labradorite. It has similar properties with the true moonstone. Both stones also have the same powers. They both have an internal glow. There are some people who believe that wearing the rainbow moonstone brings luck.


The rainbow moonstone will bring light into your spiritual life. The stone can guide you on psychic situations that you are going through. You can connect with your divine feminine with the natural london blue topaz stone.

It has a unique coloration and appearance which is due to the way the stone is being formed. The way it is formed is also responsible for its semi transparent form.

When it is being formed, different fieldspars are mixed together. Once the mineral has cooled, it arranges itself into layers. The layers will scatter light and thus differ from most stones which absorb light. It is due to this reason that the stones usually glow from within.

Rainbow moonstone is usually found in all parts of the world. There are deposits from Russia, Canada, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India and Australia among other areas. Smaller pieces of fieldspar are easy to find and not like the larger ones. The mineral makes up to 60% of the earth's surface.

The energies of the moonstone were popular in China, ancient Rome, and India. Most people love the moonstone due to its unique look. India was known to provide beautiful moonstones. These were source of prestige and wealth. It was not many people who could access them so it was associated with wealth. Most of the rainbow moonstone originates from Switzerland.

Rainbow moonstone differs from the other moonstone since it has a multicolored sheen. The color represents the power of rainbow moonstone in the spiritual world. The full rainbow in the moonstone is an indication of it's magical power.

Reasons to use the rainbow moonstone

There are many reasons why you need to use the moonstone. Here are just some of them.

Strong connection to the spiritual world - The stone just like the other moonstones is known for its connection to the spiritual world.

Get in touch with emotions - if you are looking to get in touch with your emotions, you should get the rainbow moonstone.

Energetic vibration - you can use the moonstone to get joyful vibration than the other moonstones.

Get rid of negative energies - if there are times you feel negative emotions, you can get rid of them using the rainbow moonstone. It will help you get your emotions in check. The stone will also give you comfort when you are facing tough times.

Rainbow moonstone is one of the stones you can to enjoy its massive uses.  You can place our order and have the stone delivered right to your doorstep. You can also buy other stones such as the pink topaz, natural pink tourmaline, natural smoky quartz and opals for sale.

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