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How To Use Steel Acrow Props?

July 17, 2019 by Amy  

In order to regulate the use management of the single hydraulic props, improve the quality of the single hydraulic prop support and reduce the loss of the single hydraulic props,  China Coal Group summed up the instructions for use, for the reference of our customers.


A. Support


1. The steel acrow props used on the working surface must be kept in good condition. It is strictly forbidden to use any damaged single hydraulic prop.

2. The single hydraulic props with different performances are not allowed to be mixed.

3. New downhole or long-term unused hydraulic props should be lifted first when used for the first time.

It can be used after draining the air inside the chamber.

4. Before the external injection type steel acrow props are supported, the injection valve body must be flushed with the liquid injection gun to prevent

Sewage such as coal powder enters the inner cavity of the pillar.

5. After the external injection type hydraulic steel acrow prop is connected to the top, continue to supply liquid for 4 to 5 seconds and then cut off the liquid source to

Ensure the initial support of the single hydraulic steel acrow prop.

6. The single hydraulic steel acrow prop of the top cover and the claws are not allowed to continue to be used.

7. The single hydraulic steel acrow prop row spacing, column spacing, and mountain angle should meet the requirements of the operating regulations.

8. The top cover of the single hydraulic steel acrow prop is tightly connected with the top beam, and the single claw is not allowed to bear.

9. When the single hydraulic steel acrow prop is used as a point column, the wooden board should be placed on the top cover, and the top cover is forbidden.

The column claws are in direct contact with the top plate.

10. When the two lanes suddenly change beyond the maximum allowable support height of the pillar, they should be replaced in time.

The corresponding specification pillars shall not be supported by temporary measures such as planks and vermiculite at the bottom of the pillars.

11. The single-pillar props in use must be double-proof to prevent the failed pillar from injuring the column.


B.Back to the column


1. According to the condition of the top plate at both ends of the working face, the column can be returned in a close distance or a long distance.

2. When returning to the column, the column worker should stand in a safe place and choose a retreat.

It is strictly forbidden to unload the forced retracement.

3, Must use the unloading handle or special tools to return to the column, it is strictly prohibited to use the sputum or other tools to return to the column.

4. When there is a large amount of falling rock or a broken back of the working face of the top plate, it should be hung firmly.

The curtains of the file prevent the broken pillars and the meteorites from breaking into the ends.

5. When the effective stroke of the pillar is lower than or exceeds the specified height, measures should be taken in time to prevent crushing.


6. When the pillar is crushed, the temporary pillar must be laid first, and then the method of picking up or undercover should be used.

Withdrawal, it is forbidden to use the artillery collapse or mechanical equipment to forcibly recover.


C.Working fluid


1. The working fluid concentration of the externally injected single hydraulic steel acrow prop in the fully mechanized mining face is 3% to 5%.

2. When transporting emulsified oil downhole, a clean special container must be used.

3. Different grades of emulsified oil are not allowed to be mixed.

4. The emulsion configuration should use an automatic proportioning device, and the emulsion concentration should be checked once per shift.

5, Configure the water quality for the emulsion, the mechanical and electrical department is responsible for the hardness, pH and semi-annual inspection

Impurities, if necessary, take measures to meet the requirements before use.


D.Single hydraulic steel acrow prop inspection and maintenance.


1. When the coal mining face is over or the use time exceeds 8 months, the single hydraulic steel acrow prop must forced enter to well maintenance.

2, The maintenance of the pillars, must also be pressure test, can continue to use after passing.


Of course, in addition to the above points, it is also necessary to carry out the corresponding piping system and site management according to their own conditions.