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How To Make Her Squirt

July 17, 2019 by Scoopify  

Squirting is a female ejaculation leads to the overflow of fluid from female urethra during sexual arousal or orgasm. The fluid is usually colorless and odorless sometimes it occurs in large quantities or sometimes in only few drops. There is no clear vision about female ejaculation some people confuse it with peeing but it is perfectly normal as it is believed that all females squirt but many might not be aware of it as sometimes the fluid flows back to the bladder rather than leaving the body. Squirting is an art of sex enjoyed as foreplay or to arouse sexual feeling to attain pure pleasure and spending some more time together.

This article will lead you to the right way on how to make her squirt.

1.    Do some preparations: if you are hoping for something amazing from your women thenit’s time for some hard work, prepare yourself and your room to make her avoid all anxieties, stress, cares and distractions. Give her some romantic feelings by seating the atmosphere, firstly remove the harsh lights and make it bit dark and shady for this you can also use scented candles. Apply aromatherapy as an arousal method as the smell of lavender takes the sexual arousal to the other level you may go for some light sensual music for you and your woman to enjoy and most importantly do not forget about your grooming and hygiene.

2.    Select the right position: for her and your experience find a proper and comfortable position on How To Make Her Squirt. A comfortable position can lead you to hang on her clitoris and g- spot, right position is considered necessary to keep your lady relaxed and free.

3.    Focus on foreplay: that’s the best part to play before you go deep down for more fun. Foreplay techniques prepares your lady mentally and physically easy to reach outstanding climax and especially when you are about how to make her squirt.

4.    Use high quality lube: when it’s to bring on more fun use good quality lubricant on her clitoris, insideher vagina,to your palm and fingers, slowly stimulate her clitoris with your finger and oral manipulation oral go deep inside with your finger performing motions with your finger which will stimulate her to squirt.

5.    Go for combination: you can go for combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation  providing her body with body-rocking, breath-taking, and moaning including orgasm but also remember to pay equal attention both on clitoris and and vagina.

Time and effort goes together when you are intended on how to make her squirt as its just not cup of coffee that you will spare your free ten minutes on it and that to when you are lady is going to squirt first time so before making her to reach that pleasured moment you must follow some points so both of you can remember your joyous moment for longtime.


·         Do no explain her what it is and how it feels.

·         Do not mention how you are going to explore it.

·         Give her lots of cuddles and love bites.

·         Keep her stress, care and anxiety free.

·         Make her to trust you.

·         Be nice and sweet to her.