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From lingerie to leather: More tips on how to handle laundry properly:

July 17, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Here are the best tips are given by cleaners near me laundry service.

Underwired bras:

So that the stirrups do not get tangled up in the machine, be sure to put them in a laundry bag, close the hooks first. Very sensitive lace bras only wash by hand, as the washing symbols say. Do not use fabric softener, it softens the delicate fibers too much.

Fine tip:

It is recommended to use a mild detergent at a maximum of 40 degrees. Hand wash only is allowed, do not wring the textiles, but gently push out the water. Let it dry on a towel, see washing symbols.

Functional clothing:

Be sure to observe the washing symbols and meaning! Never use a fabric softener, the contained silicone clogs the pores of membranes and coatings, the breathability is lost. Only use a tumble dryer if this is required on the care label. If necessary, re-impregnate.


In the easy-care program wash, only half fill the machine, because linen needs a lot of water. For natural linen only use detergents without optical brighteners to preserve the natural tone. Colored clothes up to 40 degrees, whitewash up to 60 degrees.


Be sure to observe the washing symbols and meaning on the label. Is it even allowed in the machine? Then, however, choose the gentle program and use only a detergent that is specifically suitable for silk. This also applies to hand washing. It is fundamentally gentler on color and fiber. A fabric softener is in any case taboo.


Turn clothes to the left, if possible put them in a laundry bag or a pillowcase. Wash with a mild detergent on the wool cycle, do not spin. Gentler is the hand wash. So that there is no rude awakening, be sure to follow the washing instructions.

Printed T-shirts:

As applications dissolve easily and fonts can fade, always turn the garment to the left and put it in a laundry bag, washing at a maximum of 40 degrees. Do not put in the dryer, otherwise, the pressure can break. Always iron from the left to not too hot.


As suggested by cleaners near me, it can actually be cleaned in the machine if the washing symbols do not say something distinctly different - but only with a lightly greased, special leather detergent in the fine wash program at 30 degrees. Soak deeply soiled or soiled areas in the hand bath, pretreat with a soft brush. Allow to dry at room temperature, shake repeatedly.