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Book Polishing Service



After reading and evaluating your book, I will suggest in either the book itself or through notes what needs to be changed or improved upon. The focus will be on how the story flows in terms of the structure and chapter layout, as well as the overall theme and character elements.  The editing will also focus on how well the characters evolve or if they need improvements, including adding more depth to them and occasional dialogue to make them stand out more.  Details to description are also addressed as well as the ending and overall take away – the theme and message – of the book and how well it impacts the reader.

Some edits include actual eliminations, moving of paragraphs or text and/or restructuring book chapters.  Outline and flow of the story is also addressed.  If the story and characters are in need of additional development, it is possible the book needs to go through a development process.  See screenplay story development for that process.  All of the needs of the book will be addressed in the initial evaluation of the book and provided in notes to the Author so they can determine if they want to use my Book Editing, Book Ghostwriting, or Book Polishing services.  Each book is different and requires a different amount of work, based on the Author’s previous writing experience and background. 

The first step to hiring me to help you with your book is to get your book evaluated.  I can then see what you are trying to write about and make a more detailed and informed attempt at offering help with the project.  I will detail in notes what needs to be improved upon and what is working as is.   Once the Author receives the notes he or she can determine if they agree with the evaluation and want to hire me, the writer, to help them improve their book.

As a book writer, you must be able to communicate both through emails and phone. You must also have something written out and completed – hopefully a full first draft of the book – which is more than just having an ‘idea for a book’ and wanting someone else to help develop and write it for you.  A book is a very personal thing and must come from the ‘author’s’ voice first.  That means all the characters already written down as well as the basic story and written out by the original author, before someone can help them improve on the book.


I do not spend hours or days listening to clients tell me about their ‘stories’ and writing down this information for them, as this would take far too long.  Once the first draft of the book is written out, you can then work with professional script writer to help you improve upon what you have created and get the book to a more professional level.  Again, book writing is a very personal experience and must come from the original author’s mind FIRST before hiring a book editor or ghostwriter.


Book polishing  service is done for books that are generally in good shape and need only minor editing, improvements or polishing.  This includes making the changes on the page for the author, and not by including them in separate notes. 

The book would also have to be reviewed first and evaluated as a potential project that feel I can help the author improve.  If we agree on the improvements and changes, I can make them myself on the page for the author.  Once completed, the Author then can keep the changes as they are, eliminate them, improve or incorporate them in the book how they see fit.


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General Background

Professional Screenwriter since 1995.  Professional Screenplay Ghostwriter since 2007. Experienced in Comedy, Family, Adventure, Suspense, Drama and Spiritual films.  Specialize in Story and Character Development for feature film screenplays and new TV Series.

Suzanne has written over fifty screenplays, including scripts which have been optioned, produced and/or in development.  She has previously lived in Los Angeles and New York City and is currently residing in the Boston area where she is originally from.  She offers screenplay ghostwriting and TV writing services to a vast array of clients, including helping clients to write and develop new screenplays and TV shows.


Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts, NYC Film Division – MFA in Screenwriting Graduated with Honors  (3-year program)

Hampshire College, Amherst, MA – BA in Narrative Film, Screenwriting & Playwriting


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