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Tips For First Time Flyer For A Stress-Free Flight

July 18, 2019 by bostonairportexpresscar  

Is it your 1st time flying? If you are a plane virgin looking forward for your maiden flight, you are certain to have a few queries, some of which you may be too hesitated to ask your jet-setter buddies. Read on our tips, which will help you to breeze through your 1st flight with confidence & excitement. 

Secure your essential travel papers:

Gather your passport, if required, or other TSA-compliant recognition (such as your driver’s license, if acceptable). Print your boarding passes or tour confirmations. 

Plan your baggage:

Review the airline info, what you can & cannot carry on, and what the load limits are for both checked & carry-on baggage. For instance, if you wish to put them in your carry-on baggage, containers of liquids should contain lesser than 3.2 oz, and each container should fit in a quart-sized plastic bag. Moreover, learn before time what it’ll cost you to check your baggage at the airport. You can get this info on the official website of the airline, or your travel agent can help you with this. 

Get there to the airport early:

Your airline will have a particular check-in time they wish you to get there y, which is generally 2 hours prior to your flight. It’ll make you less anxious if you’re not running through the airport to catch a flight. 

Be patient:

Airports are busy places, and usually you’ll notice a wide range of emotions from people in the airport & on the flight itself. You will see the exhilarated commuters, the exhausted travelers, the sad travelers and the commuters who assume the world rotates around them. It truly is not much different than going to your local wholesale shopping club; just have patience, smile and relish your experience. 

Check in at the airline desk:

Your airlines check-in desk must be your 1st stop to ensure you’ve all of your documentation in order. You can also check your bags and get any last minute updates about your plane.

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