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Diving Life on Board in Costa Rica

July 18, 2019 by Glain max  


If you are on trips to Costa Rica, taking a diving cruise in Costa Rica is an excellent idea for all those divers who want to explore the fantastic region of Cocos Islands, known for their large shark banks. The Pacific coast, in particular, includes a large number of immersion sites, and it is home to a great variety of corals and tropical fish.
The visibility of the seabed changes a lot from site to site and depending on the season and time. The warm waters of Costa Rica are very rich in plankton. The presence of so much food makes it possible to have an abundant and divers fauna. Fans of this sport, however, know that the opportunity to have so many encounters with sea creatures makes a sometimes limited
visibility of the seabed negligible.
The popular spots in Costa Rica:
Cocos Island:
Cocos is an island far from the coast, difficult to access but very famous for its protected marine park. The island has been declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site and is one of the most important national parks in Costa Rica. For its inaccessible solitude, it inspired the author of the film Jurassic Park as the setting for his fantastic dinosaur story.
Cocos Island is considered the frontier of scuba diving, one of the wildest islands in the world. One of the most famous points, where mantas with large wingspan or white fin sharks of 2/3 meters or even, in very lucky cases, whale sharks often meet. Diving cruises in Cocos Islands will allow you to explore much of this region in a single trip.
Tamarindo is certainly a more affordable destination that still offers underwater emotions that are by no means negligible. It was discovered, underwater speaking, by Mario Vargas who was the first to open a Diving Playa Flamingo center in the town, followed by numerous entrepreneurs.
Upon arrival at Tamarindo, you will realize that it is an excellent diving destination for the numerous diving centers. If you want to dive with tranquility, it is advisable not to arrive there in high season (November to March).
Another place that alone deserves the trip to Tamarindo is Islas Murcielagos. It is a challenging dive center Tamarindo, practically in the blue, but it is one of the few places in the world where you can observe 3-meter bull sharks and go back to tell it. With remote islands and marine sanctuaries, Costa Rica is home to Manta rays, whales and sharks, becoming the ultimate diving adventure. Do not miss to experience Scuba Diving Costa Rica which is one of the most adventurous activities in Costa Rica!