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China Beverage Cooler Through Electrical Control

July 19, 2019 by chenjia  

It is composed of China Beverage Cooler and electrical parts, and realizes automatic continuous operation through electrical control;
According to different control modes, there are two types of specifications: 1. Standard control type: use steam solenoid valve and temperature sensor linkage control. 2. Computer automatic control type: It is controlled by computer touch screen and PLC automatic execution.
Features: Product performance and features: Reliable series sterilization, cooling machine is a new type of product that integrates foreign advanced technology and combines domestic food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries to produce sterilization, cooling and integration.
The series of China Beverage Cooler is made of high quality stainless steel, advanced control instruments and beautiful appearance. Compared with the current soil method (sterilization tank), the labor intensity is low, the labor is small, the degree of self-control is high, the temperature can be automatically adjusted within 98°, the water temperature difference between the upper and lower layers is small, and the product quality is easy to control. This product is fully symbolic GMP, HACCP certification requirements, high health rate, and is an ideal equipment for the vegetable food processing industry.