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Colloidal Silica Market: End-User Preference Remains High for Smaller Size Colloidal Silica

July 19, 2019 by Steve Blade  

Global sales of colloidal silica is estimated to surpass 403,700 tons through 2029, says the recently published report by Fact.MR. Increasing requirement for effective binders is estimated to load the dice in favor of liquid silicon dioxide applications across an umpteen number of applications, including coatings, electronics, construction, thereby creating sustained opportunities for the colloidal silica industry.  According to the research study, electrical equipment & electronics industry will continue to sustain high demand for colloidal silica Market, for the fact that colloidal silica plays a critical role in producing flat and uniform water surfaces during production of electronic & electrical devices.

“Colloidal silica also serves as a final polishing additive and a rough surface remover in the electronics & electrical equipment space, thereby eliminating the necessity of other steps of surface preparation. Moreover, adoption of colloidal silica will also continue to scale up in the construction space, for the fact that colloidal silica holds the potential to breathe life into durability and strength of concrete mixtures”, says the Fact.MR report.

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In Brief 

  • Global sales of colloidal silica were valued at over US$ 800 Mn in 2018, with gains primarily driven by growing applications in coatings, electronics, and construction industries.
  • End-users continue to show a marked preference for colloidal silica of size up to 50 nm, in light of their clear dispersions and larger specific surface areas.
  • East Asia will remain the leading market for colloidal silica, which can be attributed to the resurgence in construction activities that create a significant demand for coatings and paints.
  • South Asia is expected to be the high-growth market for colloidal silica, with sales estimated to record a Y-o-Y growth at over 6% in 2019 over 2018.

Table of Content

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Global Market Outlook
1.2. Demand Side Trends
1.3. Supply Side Trends
1.4. Opportunity Assessment- Winning & Loosing Components
1.5. Proprietary Wheel of Fortune
1.6. Fact.MR Analysis and Recommendations
2. Market Overview
2.1. Market Introduction
2.2. Market Definition
2.3. Market Taxonomy
3. Key Market Trends
3.1. Key Trends Impacting the Market
3.2. Product Innovation / Development Trends
3.3. Mega Trends
4. Market Background
4.1. Global Specialty Silica Industry Outlook
4.1.1. Introduction
4.1.2. Market Size and Forecast
4.1.3. Y-o-Y Growth Comparison
4.2. Macro-Economic Factors
4.2.1. Global GDP Growth Outlook
4.2.2. Global Chemical Industry Growth Outlook
4.2.3. Global Coating Industry Growth Outlook
4.2.4. Global Construction Sector Growth Outlook
4.3. Market Dynamics
4.3.1. Drivers
4.3.2. Restraints
4.3.3. Opportunity Analysis
4.3.4. Market Trends
4.4. Value Chain
4.4.1. List of Key Manufacturers
4.4.2. List of Key Brand Owners
4.4.3. Brand Owner and Manufacturer
4.4.4. List of Channel Partners
4.4.5. Operating Margins
4.4.6. Notes on Value Added at Each Node in the Value Chain
4.5. Forecast Factors - Relevance & Impact
4.5.1. End-Use Industry Impact Analysis
4.5.2.  Urbanization Growth Outlook

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 Key Growth Drivers of Colloidal Silica Market? 

  • Colloidal silica continues to gain high traction as the preferred abrasive in the chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) applications, in light of its key attributes that include good stability, and adjustable particle size distribution. Recent research efforts toward development of the colloidal products with tunable chemical and physical properties will pave lucrative avenues for the colloidal silica industry.
  • There has been a marked rise in adoption of colloidal silica in the automotive industry, for manufacturing of tires with decreased rolling resistance to improve vehicle handling and mileage. Additionally, the growing trend of green tires has augured well for sales of colloidal silica worldwide.
  • Stringent government regulations on the use of protective coatings have fueled the use of green coatings in the automotive industry, which continues to favor the colloidal silica industry.

Acidic Vs. Alkaline – Gains Remain Marginally Competitive

According to the report, end users will continue to show high preference for acidic colloidal silica. With a market share of over 50% in 2018, acidic colloidal silica will remain the highly-preferred formulation type, owing to its exceptional stability. However, the report also finds a gradual leaning towards alkaline colloidal silica and this inclination is likely to gather significant momentum over the years.

Key players are focusing on establishment of new production and R&D facilities across multiple regions, with a sole objective of catering to regional demands and expanding their geographical reach. For instance, W. R. Grace & Co. flagged off the construction of its new colloidal silica plant at its exclusive European flagship R&D and manufacturing facility in Worms, Germany. The establishment of this new plant will amplify Grace’s technology paradigms and boost the company’s production capability & flexibility. In addition, key companies are also offering custom-made colloidal silica in line with customer requirements and specifications, which will further solidify their product portfolios.

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