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Why Should I Clean the Cosmetic Lotion Pump Packaging Printer?

July 19, 2019 by kexon plastic  

In the process of using the cosmetic Lotion Pump(KEXON) packaging inkjet printer, in addition to a part of the ink dots ejected on the identification carrier, some of which will be recycled by the recycling system, and a lot of scattered spots will splash on the nozzle. In addition, each time the machine is turned on or off, the first drop of ink or the last drop of ink ejected from the nozzle may be because the ink circulation system is not in a normal state, and it cannot accurately reach the identification carrier or the recovery system. Causing the nozzle to clog.

Usually, users of cosmetic packaging printers will encounter the following causes of nozzle clogging: First, the problem of consumables. If everyone can use genuine consumables, this problem will be improved; the second is the problem of impurities. The printer will inhale a large amount of dust during work, including some impurities in the air. When it enters the ink circulation system, it may chemically or physically change with the ink, which may cause some particulate matter, which may cause precipitation of the ink. Pipes and nozzles are clogged.

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